Those without whom the task could not be accomplished.


I thank you Lord as I volunteer for the chance to serve another year,
and to give of myself in some small way to those not blessed as I each day.
My thanks for health and mind and soul, to aid me toward my goal.
For eyes to see the good in all, a hand to extend before a fall.
For legs to go where the need is great, learning to love and forgetting to hate.
For ears to hear and a heart to care, when someone’s cross is hard to bear.
A smile to show my affection true, with energy pointing the way to you.
All I ask dear Lord, in a humble way, is to serve you better day by day.

May God bless all of you who volunteer, in bringing our players a day of cheer,

We are all aware of your life's endeavors, as these memories will be in our hearts forever. 

The Lady Cardinals have served as volunteers since 2009.

The Trinity Tigers enjoyed their first season as volunteers in 2010.


More than two dozen volunteers from the community also pitched in to make our league more enjoyable and safer.